Quiddit is the most popular game in the wizarding world. It is stupid, violent, and anicent yet it is still beloved by millions. Players try to get the Waffle (a ball, parody of the Quaffle) through a hoop garded by goalkeepers. The Bashers (parody of the Beaters) hit Brainers (parody of the Bludgerthese balls resemble ball-berings) at other players. They also hit other players with their bats, and in particularly slow games they would hit themselves. The Sic'er (parody of the seeker) chases the Sneetch (parody of the Snitch). The Sneetch is a flying, golden, meat patty. If you catch the sneetch your team gets a zillion points making all other aspects of the game useless. The English Sneetches are star bellied unlike the american ones.The name of the game comes from when Bashers would hit other players and the victoms would yell "Quit it". There is also a version of Quiddit called Extreme Quiddit which is apparently even more lethal and stupid.