This is the Barry Trotter book series withen the accual series. Theese books are by J.G.Rollins and are the key to Barry's fame. For those of you who don't know (this confused me when I first read the Barry Trotter books) there are onley three books in real life. This is a list of the books withen the story and are the whole reason for Barry's fame in the three books by Micheal Greber.

Barry Trotter And The Philosophers scone

(resold in america as Barry Trotter And The Magic Biscuit)

Barry Trotter And The Chamberpot Of Secrets

Barry Trotter And The Prisoner Of Aztalan

Barry Trotter And The Acne Of Fire

Barry Trotter And The Order Of The Penis

(the onley book ever to be denied before it was even writen)

Barry Trotter And The Scary Magical Whatever

(after writing this book critics called J.G.Rollins lazy which prompted her to write her next book)

Barry Trotter And The Knights Of Logerreha

(2,700 pages long just to prove she wasn't lazy. This book caused lots of back problems and she got sued by multible people. This prompted her to write her next book.)

Barry Trotter Goes Crazy And Kills A Bunch Of Lawyers

(This book was re-released as Barry Trotter And The Breifcase


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